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Vicat Heidelberger Beton Masa
Foamed concrete, Foam cement, Insulating boards, Foaming agent, Foam, generator, Foam concrete, Cellular lightweight concrete, LithoFoam, LithoPore

LithoPore® - German advanced cellular lightweight concrete technologies

Dr. Lucà & Partner is a technology driven company in the field of athermally manufactured insulating porous construction materials and other construction materials as blocks and wall elements.

Core competence is the manufacturing of world wide unique biotechnological additives under the brand LithoFoam® as well as machinery up to a daily capacity of 400 cubic meters. Plants with higher capacities will be provided through highly reputated German cooperation partners. The brand LithoPore® is a symbol for sustainable construction materials with high quality in the density range of 75-1600 kg/m3.
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