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Foam Concrete

Foam concrete, foamed concrete, aerated lightweight concrete, cellular lightweight concrete

Foam concrete, also named as foamed concrete, cellular concrete, cellular lightweight concrete, or aerated lightweight concrete is a worldwide known construction material. As mostly no aggregate is used for production of foam concrete the correct term would be mortar instead of concrete. The overall term cellular concrete contains normally the so-called foam concrete as well as autoclaved aerated concrete. Autoclaved aerated concrete is a standardized construction material whereas foamed concrete is normally approved in accordance to the autoclaved aerated concrete norms.

Autoclaved aerated concrete
Autoclaved aerated concrete, also known under the brand name "Ytong" or "Siporex" can only be produced in special plants. The highly explosive element hydrogen, as a reaction of cement, lime, sand and aluminum, is used as an expanding agent to build pores or air in the concrete. This process is very hard to control, costs a lot of energy and requires a high investment in immobile machinery.

Foam concrete

Foam concrete, the other type of cellular lightweight concrete, is produced with harmless foam, which is mixed into the slurry. A foaming agent will be diluted with water and expanded with air within a foam generator and are than added into a cementitious slurry. The product can be air cured or the curing process could also be accelerated by vapor or steam curing up to 70°C. This procedure is by far simpler and easier to control and needs less energy.


Foaming agent, LithoFoam

Foaming agents are classified by the basis of the active ingredient:

•Protein based
•Surfactant based (synthetic foaming agents)
•Enzyme based (new technology by Dr. Lucà & Partner) 

Protein based standard foaming agents are made by protein hydrolysis from animal proteins out of horn, blood, bones of cows, pigs and other remainders of animal carcasses. This leads not only to occasional variations in quality, due to the differing raw materials used in different batches, but also to a very intense stench of such foaming agents.

Surfactant based foaming agents are purely chemical products with constant quality, but until today with insufficient properties and low efficiency for the manufacturing of foam concrete.

Enzyme based foaming agents are a new and innovative foaming agent technology by Dr. Lucà & Partner. LithoFoam consists of highly active proteins of biotechnological origin and is not based on the unattractive protein hydrolysis. LithoFoam tops all other types of foaming agents with its superior quality and properties, a very competitive price and a neutral, technical odour.


Foam generators

Foam generators of Dr. Lucà & Partner are working with a unique low pressured air system. The foam generators are generating therefore in combination with the unique foaming agents a very constant foam, that is subject to precise adjustments if necessary.

LithoPore® - German advanced foam concrete technologies
LithoFoam® - German advanced foaming agent brand

Dr. Lucà & Partner is a technology driven company in the field of athermally manufactured insulating porous construction materials and other construction materials as blocks and wall elements.

Core competence is the manufacturing of world wide unique biotechnological additives under the brand LithoFoam® as well as machinery up to a daily capacity of 400 cubic meters to produce foam concrete for various application. Plants with higher capacities will be provided through the highly reputated German cooperation partner Masa. The brand LithoPore® is a symbol for sustainable construction materials with high quality in the density range of 75-1600 kg/m3.

Reputated global players such as HeidelbergCement or Vicat Group have adopted already the advanced LithoPore® foam concrete technology by Dr. Lucà & Partner.

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